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Differents co-creates new customer experiences powered by the collective expertise, creativity and ownership of an organization's ecosystem 

to Drive Disruptive Growth

Siloed innovation models create ideas that only survive internal business meetings. Collaborative innovation models create ideas that reshape markets.
of Leading Innovators have an open structure for collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers

Source: 2017 BCG Global Innovation Survey.

of Leading Innovators integrate customer feedback into all of their planning and design processes. 

Source: 2017 IBM C-Suit Global Study

We partner with companies and their employees, consumers, suppliers, and partners to lead the collective creation of new breakthrough products, services and experiences.
We call this Ecosystem Co-Creation.     

Ecosystem Co-Creation

Guiding Principles ​

Common Vision

Providing a clear and aligned understanding of what the project needs to solve for both the consumer and the business.

Shared Ownership

Identifying and engaging the relevant stakeholders throughout the project to ensure their participation and contribution. 

Transparent Interactions

Promoting an environment of fluid and open communication and engagement between all participants.

Collective Empathy

Creating the conditions for everyone in the team to understand, consider and value each others positions and needs.

Unified Behaviors

Agreeing to the attitudes and behaviors that will enable the team to perform most successfully together. 




Together with key stakeholders we: explore the challenge to uncover the real, underlying issue for both consumers and the business; scan the ecosystem to form a project team with the right mix of competences and experience to tackle the challenge; define ambitious success metrics linked to the business and an exciting path for us to collectively achieve them.

This includes activities such as:

  • Ecosystem mapping;

  • Whitespace opportunity interrogation;

  • Project challenge re-expression;

  • Business objective and strategy review and alignment;

  • Stakeholder vision and ambition definition 


Together with project team we:       lead diverse activities to explore the challenge from a variety of perspectives; unearth and empathize with consumer’s untapped needs; provide new lenses through which to see potential solutions; develop insights that reveal a range of opportunities for the business to uniquely address both its objectives and consumers needs.

This includes activities such as:

  • In-person and digital ethnographic research 

  • First person “empathy experiences”

  • Expert interviews and observations

  • Existing qualitative and quantitative research reviews

  • Digital community engagements 


Together with project participants: engage with inspirational activities and tools to co-create a broad portfolio of breakthrough ideas that address our agreed upon consumer needs and business objectives; co-create rapid prototypes and experiments for further development; engage end-users and internal stakeholders in feedback loops to propel continuous iteration.

This includes activities such as:

  • In-person and digital co-creation 

  • Rapid design and prototyping

  • Initial experimentation and experience mock ups

  • Feedback loops and iteration with end-users and internal stakeholders.


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About Us

We are a global collective of innovation practitioners, start ups, creatives, brand strategists, human-tech geeks, entrepreneurs and more.


Our collaborative model gives us the flexibility to build bespoke teams of top global talent with the ideal mix of experience and ability for every challenge.  This also reduces our overhead as well as our bureaucracy which in turn increases the value that we can provide clients and the engagement level of our project teams.  


Our project teams always include our clients as well.  From designing our offers to participating in market research to generating ideas, our clients serve as active partners throughout our projects.  This enables us to capture their expertise, maintain stakeholder alignment and ensure that new ideas are best positioned for success within the company as well as the market.  





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